LA Times Crossword Puzzle. This is a very popular game in the world, you are required to fill in any empty boxes to complete this game … This Answers for LA Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 20 November 2013, see below!

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LA Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 20 November 2013
LA Crossword puzzle
1. Food at a bar SALAD
6. 54-Across vaccine developer SALK
10. “My stars!” EGAD!
14. Run off, in a way ELOPE
15. Help in solving CLUE
16. Age-old stories LORE
17. Series of “Got milk?” spots, e.g. AD CAMPAIGN
19. Suffragist Lucretia MOTT
20. Emmy-winning Arthur BEA
21. “__ Gang” OUR
22. Tolstoy work subtitled “The Story of a Horse” STRIDER
24. Queen’s subjects ANTS
26. Dismissive cry BAH!
28. Kitchen attraction AROMA
29. Ran off with STOLE
31. Snowballing financial crisis BANK PANIC
34. Mexican cover-up SERAPE
36. JFK Library architect I.M. PEI
37. Connecticut hrs. EST
38. It’s used to break a habit WILLPOWER
42. That girl SHE
45. Garden pond fish KOI
46. Weather map line ISOBAR
50. American bacon source PORK BELLY
54. See 6-Across POLIO
55. Whirlpool subsidiary AMANA
56. Sweet tuber YAM
58. MacDonald’s home FARM
59. Ristorante dish RISOTTO
62. Apprehend NAB
64. Place for some me-time SPA
65. Make a muffler, perhaps KNIT
66. Browser feature, or what the ends of 17-, 31-, 38- or 50-Across can have BACK BUTTON
69. Clothing fluff LINT
70. Actress Elisabeth SHUE
71. French sweetie CHERI
72. Tense EDGY
73. Undiluted PURE
74. Company with “counting sheep” ads SERTA

1. Popular food fish SEA BASS
2. Ristorante request AL DENTE
3. The “L” in URL LOCATOR
4. Org. for shrinks APA
5. Showroom model DEMO
6. Sacred beetle SCARAB
7. Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Da __ G Show” ALI
8. Galoots LUGS
9. Reporter known for ducking into phone booths KENT
10. New York city near the Pennsylvania border ELMIRA
11. “Well played!” GOOD ONE!
12. Sister of Apollo ARTEMIS
13. Take away (from) DETRACT
18. Watering hole PUB
23. See 68-Down RAP
25. Fries alternative SLAW
27. Antepenultimate fairy tale word HAPPILY
30. Prefix with center EPI-
32. Not paleo- NEO-
33. New Zealander KIWI
35. Actress Sommer ELKE
39. Typed chuckle LOL
40. Seer’s claim ESP
41. Sleigh’s parking spot ROOF
42. Vivacity SPARKLE
43. Neanderthal, for one HOMINID
44. Frequent schoolroom activity ERASING
47. Weapon for Han Solo BLASTER
48. Touchdown site AIRPORT
49. Bucharest’s country ROMANIA
51. Difficult KNOTTY
52. Club on the diamond BAT
53. Mariano Rivera, e.g. YANKEE
57. Fairy queen of English legend MAB
60. 1/16 of a cup: Abbr. TBSP
61. Site of the Ko’olau range OAHU
63. Tampa NFLers BUCS
67. Lowlife CUR
68. With 23-Down, what an accused thug may beat THE

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